That Whole Creative Process Thing

I dislike the term “creative process “. It sounds whiny and entitled and kind of makes me cringe. That being said, it’s a real thing. I’ve begrudgingly come to accept its existence in (parts of) my life.

Over a year ago (October 2018!), I spent three weeks in Italy with my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We travelled from Milan to Rome with molti stops in between. We made our way to Sorrento in the south, Venice in the north. We saw lots, ate lots, embarrassed ourselves A LOT. You would think this would give me enough material to be able to write more than two posts for my blog. In fact, that is correct. I have tonnes of material stored in my brain, in my camera…there is no shortage of material.

So what’s the problem? Why have I not been able to write more than two articles about this trip? Or the multiple trips since then? Was it a bad trip? Not in the least! It was amazing! To see Italy with one of my favorite people, that is priceless. Not to mention shorter trips to Philadelphia and Chicago… incredible!

The problem is the demand. I didn’t create this blog to become some kind of social media influencer or to even monetize it. I like to write. I find travel exciting and humorous and I feel that I’m best able to portray my voice and perspective on these events through writing. This blog is a kind of memoir. A record of the most exciting and eye-opening times of my life. I plan on looking back at this when I’m old and laughing at myself…because seriously, I’m fucking hilarious.

But it became a chore.

While travelling, I had a routine of unwinding at the end of each day by sitting down and typing out the days events. The feelings and memories were fresh in my mind and it was a fun way to share my adventures with people back home.

Suddenly, a few of those people started demanding more. Their intentions were not ill and the requests were flattering. Flattering and suffocating. My hobby had become a job and that has never worked out well for me.

The creative process, my creative process had been interrupted. Blocked. Unintentionally of course, but blocked nonetheless. Before I knew it, I was doing it “for the likes” and I truly don’t give a shit about that. I started to resent the blog and the people who read it and even the creative process. I started to think, “If you want to know about [insert country name here] so badly, go there yourself!”

This blog is my interpretation and my stories and my accidents and mine. I would like to catch up on my writing and keep a personal record of my travels…I can’t make any promises. But I’ll try.

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