Hashtag Italy

Some of you may have noticed that I hashtag my photos and posts with the self-invented mantra of “Doing Whatever the Helen I Want”. It’s funny, it’s punny and it’s been a helpful reminder in my daily life. Naturally, when best friend Lindsay and I started planning a two and a half week trip together, we HAD to make sure she had her own hashtag mantra. Priorities and what not.

“Linds” is a good starting point. It rhymes with wind or winds. Earth Linds and Fire? Three Sheets to the Linds? Nah, that implies that she’s probably drunk all the time…

We started searching online for idioms containing the word “wind’.

The Linds Beneath my Wings?
Too romantic.

How the Linds Blows?
Oh no! Hard pass.

Run like the Linds?
Bit too athletic for the occasion.

It needs to sound adventurous and fresh and daring, like we’re throwing caution to the…oh. Oh! #ThrowCautionToTheLinds

Well! Now that’s out of the way, we can really start planning this trip! We want to cover as much ground as we can, see as much of Italy as possible without rushing through too quickly. And it’s Europe so we can do this ourselves, no tour needed (fingers crossed).

Our itinerary started to unfold. Arriving in Milan, because obviously I want to be walking into the Fashion Capital of the World looking airplane fresh (sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch that). After Milan, we head to Venice, then Modena, Cinque Terre, Pisa (for the goofy photo op), Florence, Sorrento and Rrrrrroma.

Italy staticmap





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