Blue Lagoon & The Upside to Terrible Road Conditions

Our second day in Reykjavik consisted of a morning walk back to the Laundromat Cafe for breakfast and a very rough drive to the Blue Lagoon.

I live in Canada. I have seen winters throughout the Eastern provinces, I lived through and survived THEE ice storm of 1998 and I now deal the menopausal winters of Calgary. I have never, in my life, seen white-out road conditions like we saw in Iceland. I don’t even think we could see the front of the car, let alone the road we were (hopefully) driving on. We drove at probably 5 km/hour with the hazard lights on. Rich, who is used to driving with very little snow and on the left side of the road in England, handled it like a champ!

At one point we did pull into a road side stop for a rest and to hopefully let the winds die down a bit. The winds did not really die down, but we had a fantastic time in museum anyhow. Viking World. Sounds more like a theme park than a museum, but we entertained ourselves nonetheless.

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but it is magnificent.
Viking World was worth the visit…just to be able to play with real swords and take stupid pictures.
Captain Isaac
This was taken in the 2.5 seconds that I was able to keep a straight face.
Battle of the Bros
Very GoT
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
My Vikings

The Blue Lagoon was an oasis of calm after the rough drive from Reykjavik. We took our time actually checking in (photo opportunities need to be seized!), then navigated the change rooms and the  many steps required to actually be allowed to enter the lagoon… we finally made it.

Hashtag Friendship


Everything in Iceland is picture perfect, even the walk from the parking lot.



Waiting in line

The Blue Lagoon is blue. It is lagoon-ey. It is perfectly warm. And we stayed in there for five hours. My hands were shriveled raisins by the time we decided to leave and it was totally worth it.

I could not for the life of me find my waterproof camera before we left for the Blue Lagoon (I assumed I did not pack it, only to find it at the bottom of my bag later on. Classic Helen). These photos are courtesy of Rich and Jayson.

The classic “Jayson Lean” style of photography. Really brings out the anti-gravity quality of the lagoon.
IceFin group selfie! (L-R: Trinh, Tina, Sydney, Rich’s Floating Head, Me & Jayson)
Teamwork = Super soft skin for WEEKS after



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