A Weekend at Sihuapilapa Beach

Before heading to the beach with Coco and the family, we had one more day in San Salvador. Trinh and I checked out MARTE, the modern art museum in San Salvador. Small, yet impressive! And so inexpensive; only $1.50 USD for admission.

The following morning we planned to head out at nine o’clock, so naturally we left at ten. With car packed and everyone seated we headed towards the beach. As it was a long weekend in El Salvador (September 15th is Independance Day), the traffic was pretty backed up and it took us a couple of hours to arrive at our destination (normally the drive would be about 45 minutes). We made the best of it though; Coco updated me on the latest music in the world of Reggaeton, we stopped for a beverage at Casa de Mar and best of all, made a pit stop for Quesadilla Salvadoreña. This treat might be on par with pupusas and trés leches as the most delicious thing I ate in El Salvador. Actually, Salvadoran food is quite delicious overall.

Quesadilla Salvadoreña

After the five of us devoured the quesadilla, the rest of the drive went smoothly. We even bartered for an inflatable unicorn with a vendor along the side of the road…as we were driving.


The beach in El Salvador hold the title of Helen’s Favourite Beach. Mind you, I have not set foot on every beach in the world, but I think Sihuapilapa will be tough to compete with. A weekend at the family beach house is exactly what everyone needed; sleeping in, having all our meals cooked for us (yes, it was a weekend of privilege), spending time in the sand and the salty ocean water whenever we felt so inclined, playing board games, listening to music, witnessing the most intense thunder storm of my life and truly relaxing as much as humanly possible without going into a literal coma.

The beach with new famly and friends
Fisherman on Sihuapilapa Beach
Isaac getting some Vitamin D.
Black sand as far as the eye can see.
Loudest, greatest, longest thunder storm ever.
The view from my nap.


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