San Salvador Shopping

While spending time in San Salvador, Trinh and I visited two different shops that I feel the need to highlight here. It was fun for us to check out a couple of the more unique local businesses. Let it be known that I am not being paid to talk about these places, nor am I doing so because the bakery is owned and operated by my friends. I am choosing to feature these two companies because they are outstanding, local and unique. If I didn’t believe in their business or love the product then I wouldn’t bother writing anything.

Tuco&Tico is a local bakery/treat shop with various locations around the city and the best Trés Leches you will ever eat. Ever! I can personally attest to the quality of the Key Lime Pie in a Cup, the Trés Leches and the Frozen Key Lime Pie. Oh, and the Carrot Cake. Oh my gosh, the carrot cake. The Cakes in a Cup are perfect if you’re out and about. Pick up a couple of these portable treats for a snack on-the-go while you’re visiting the various museums and cathedrals in San Salvador. And seriously…try the Trés Leches!

Trés Leches from Tuco&Tico is life changing.

Lula Mena was created with the intention of supporting local artists and at risk women; jewelry, bags, scarves, blankets, cushion covers, hammocks, beach covers…accessories galore! The location is stunning, set up in what seems like a house, but with that Salvadoran style of being inside and outside all at once. With a focus on female empowerment, eco-friendly and unique handmade items, you will certainly go home with a beautiful souvenir that you feel good about. Trinh and I were happy to spend our money here and went home with some gifts for friends and of course, for ourselves. I was drawn to the woven bangles and bracelets made from recycled telephone wire as well as a beautiful blue cushion cover.


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