Pu-pu-sas: A Reunion

Coco will tell you that we made a mistake with our bus booking from Guatemala to El Salvador. Which we probably did, just don’t tell him I said that.

Regardless, we have arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador! We have the best hosts in the country taking care of us here; my dear friends Coco and his amazing wife Renata plus her entire family. It has been twelve years since I last saw Coco (#CollegeDays) and I believe it’s safe to say that we have picked up right where we left off. Which is, in essence, making fun of each other, talking too loud and being sarcastic. Sounds about right.

After picking us up from the bus station, Coco gave us a quick driving tour of the different areas of San Salvador where his life happens. Work. Other work. Houses of different family members. We then arrived at our temporary casa, where we were treated to a homemade lunch with Coco, Renata and their daughter. We then had a chance to freshen up, rest and relax while our friends finished up their work day.

Before a spectacular supper, we went for a special treat. I don’t even know what to call this; a slushee/smoothie with chilis, mango noodles and bunch of other stuff. I don’t even know what I was drink-eating. What I do know is that it was delicious and I need to make them at home.



Supper was a very special treat. In a sentence, we are our first pupusas on a volcano. I don’t think there are many people who can say they have eaten dinner on a volcano, let alone the Salvadoran national dish! It’s clear that Coco LOVES pupusas and was excited to share this experience with me and Trinh. So he ordered for different kinds of pupusas for us to share. Rice flour with cheese. Rice flour with cheese and beans. Corn flour with cheese. Corn flour with cheese and beans. Trinh liked the rice flour pupusas the best, I preferred the corn flour variety. You can also have pupusas with meat, jalapeño and other fillings. The cheese and bean pupusas were a perfect introduction to Salvadoran cuisine, not to mention the artisanal hot cocoa we enjoyed with our pupusas.


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