Shanghai: Farewell to the Monkey King

We got to ride the bullet train!

*Claps hands in excitement*

After two overnight trains, a forty-five minute ride on the bullet train from Suzhou to Shanghai felt like a dream come true. Disembarking in Shanghai, we quickly took photos with the bullet train (because we’re cool like that), then followed Yang Yang to the subway so we could drop our bags at the hotel (which was a ride that took almost as long as the bullet train, figure that one out).

The epitome of “cool”   -_-


The afternoon was spent walking towards and along The Bund. I have a lot more of this world to see but as of right now, the view from The Bund is the coolest skyline I’ve ever seen. It’s like something from a sci-fi film. Especially at night (but that photo is for later)!

After much picture-taking, by us and the hoards of locals that circled us with cell phones and cameras, we broke off for a leisurely stroll along The Bund.

If zoo animals had cameras and opposible thumbs, that ^ is what they would photograph.

Off to Nanjing Street! While I was happy to see more of Shanghai and the main attractions, I’m not huge on high end shopping, especially while I’m travelling. But I understand it’s part of what makes Shanghai popular, so we spent maybe an hour and a half along Nanjing Street. Tina, Sydney and myself weren’t too interested in the brand name shops, so after a quick stop inside an adorable make-up store, we actually took a rest in McDonald’s for ice cream and fries. Luckily, Sydney reminded us that today was our last night with Yang Yang so we should look for a gift to give her on behalf of the group. A dancing minion outside a souvenir shop caught our attention, so we made our way downstairs and inside this magnificent shop where we found a very cute travel mug for Yang Yang, depicting the Monkey King on the side. Yang Yang never goes anywhere without the Monkey King (if she did, we would all still be lost in China).

Yang Yang and the Monkey King guiding us through China.
Busy Nanjing Street
Just the steps into an adorable Chinese make-up store.

Our last supper as a group! Yang Yang took us to a nearby restaurant for some tasty Sichuan food and we presented her with our group gift. Bellies full, a few of us asked Yang Yang where we could go for a decently priced alcoholic beverage. Shanghai is an expensive city, but she managed to give us a suggestion. About twelve of us made our way together, through the Shanghai night in search of this decently priced bar, The Seagull. Well, I don’t know if The Seagull has changed since Yang Yang was last in Shanghai (we were her first group of the year, after all), but it is a hotel bar and they did not seem keen to seat a group of giggling tourists. Instead they politely told us the bar is only for hotel guests, plus we had lost Rich and Steph along the way, because…we got distracted by the lights from The Bund.



So now we have lost two people, cannot get into the bar we had planned on getting into and we do not know where to go. Just as I was stating to the remaining people, “I am done with this adventure” (which Mario from London found hilarious), Rich and Steph appeared and lo and behold…we spotted a friendly looking pub down a side street from The Seagull. It had a round hanging sign with a lit-up elephant and the prices are quite reasonable for Shanghai. Assuming its called The Elephant (unconfirmed), we sat down for a drink, made fun of each other and took lots of group photos.

One more Tsingtao for the road. Photo credit to Rich and the bartender at the Elephant.

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