Where Are The Warriors?

If I could offer you only one piece of advice when visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, I would say…start with Pit 1. You might be thinking. “Duh, Helen! That’s how numbers work.” And to that I would say, “Well….yeah okay.”

The bus ride to the museum was full of excitement and anticipation, as well as a few round of “Heads Up”. We stopped to have lunch with a local family and then followed the crowds towards the complex housing the Terracotta Warriors. It’s a huge complex, involving a long walk between multiple ticket and security checks. More time for the excitement to build.

We finally arrived at Pit 2…okay, yes. Let’s see some Warriors!

Where…where are the warriors? There are a few warriors encased in glass, on display along the outskirts of the pit.

Oh! There is a torso of a warrior in the pit! Over there!

Are there more warriors somewhere else? Maybe we should move on to…

Pit 3, here we go! This was an improvement from Pit 2.


We began to wonder…where are the rows of warriors? The ones you see in the tourism photos all the time? Is that just photoshop? I genuinely started to believe those rows of Terracotta Warriors did not exist. Starting to lose steam and hope, we moved on to Pit 1.


Pit 1 is huge! We entered the building in one end and could not even see to the other side. There are a few warriors on display at this end, so our spirits were lifted a bit. We got some selfies and some group photos and then some Chinese people took some selfies and group photos…of us (apparently we are more interesting than these ancient, excavated artifacts). But still, where are all the warriors?

Yang Yang led us around Pit 1, outside and then back inside…and HELLO WARRIORS! There they were, hiding at the other end of Pit 1. The big rows of Terracotta Warriors we all came here to see.

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