Xi’an: Muslim Market & All The Dumplings

The overnight train from Beijing to Xi’an was a lot of fun. We picked up some snacks and beers and played a few games before lights out at ten o’clock. I slept…alright. The hard bed wasn’t the most comfortable after the tough trek along the Great Wall, but I slept fairly soundly all things considered.

Xi’an is quite the metropolis. The center of Xi’an is similar to Piccadilly Circus or perhaps Times Square in New York City, although I have yet to visit NYC. That being said, I would happily spend hours in the Muslim Market and the main square of Xi’an, where as I cannot say the same for Piccadilly Circus. I think the Muslim Market was much better than Wangfujing Street in Beijing. It smelled better, the food being sold was much more edible and the souvenir shops were really quite impressive.

After browsing the market, we met up for supper. Dumpling Banquet! I think we tried at least 20 different types of dumplings. I can’t even tell you what each one was, although I remember a few, so… pork, spicy chicken, pork & fish, red bean filled with green bean, cabbage, walnut, grain, cheese, tomatoes, sweet potatoe, fish, duck…and the smallest dumplings in the world!

Red bean with green bean

Baby dumplings!

By the time we had turned into dumplings ourselves, it was dark outside and the square was alive with street vendors and light-up toys and couples spending an evening together. The Bell Tower was lit up so beautifully and it really make me appreciate Xi’an.

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