Wangfujing Street: Reader Discretion Advised

Wangfujing Street in Beijing is very interesting and also extremely disgusting, unappealing, questionable and not for the faint of heart. It’s great for photo ops, not great for the appetite.

Cute on the outside, but what’s on the inside?
Wangfujing Street, Beijing

Things I saw on sticks (and did not eat):

Scorpions. Black Scorpions. Some sort of large juicy beetle. Snakes. Crab. Octopus. What was being called lamb, but was most likely rat. Baby ducklings (immediate loss of appetite upon seeing these). Squid. Grasshoppers. Sea horses. Starfish. Millipedes.

Things I ate:

Dumplings filled with what was hopefully chicken, although it’s safe to say that most of the meat on Wangfujing Street is not necessarily what you think it is. Lamb, but maybe not lamb (only a very tiny bite, as I spotted the baby ducklings immediately afterwards), dragon fruit juice, rolled ice cream.

Even thinking about Wangfujing  again is making my stomach turn.

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