In-Flight Feature: Mean Girls

I have just woken up after my first nights sleep in Beijing. Not much has happened, as I arrived at the hotel late afternoon. Once I had settled in, I took a walk to find a convenience store for water and snacks. I fell asleep not long after getting back to my room.

I have to tell you a story about my flight! I jotted it down on the plane.

Arriving in Beijing

I have just witnessed the most passive-aggressive (maybe just aggressive), rude display of passenger angst I have ever seen.

The flight to Beijing is not full. I actually ended up with three seats all to myself (Hallelujah!). Everyone on the flight has at least the seat next to them empty, so naturally people are moving around to different seats and getting comfortable.

I’m looking across the aisle to the middle row of four seats and the woman who was seated in front of me has moved to give her daughter room to lay down for a little while. Well, she got a few bumps as the passenger behind her crossed her legs and stretched a little bit. The airplane is loud (you know that special airplane white noise) but it seemed that she asked said passenger to not bump the (fully reclined) seat anymore to which the passenger seemed to agree and just explained that she was crossing her legs.

Not two minutes later, the women yet again moved seats, this time behind the leg-crossing passenger. For a good five minutes, she proceeds to intentionally kick and pound the back of the Leg-Crossers seat. I’m talking full on two-handed full-forced shoves and as much momentum as she could get into a kick with the limited leg room. She would stop anytime a flight attendant walked by and immediately start up again once they had passed. This is a grown adult woman! Leg-Crosser handled it extremely well; didn’t turn around, didn’t push back, didn’t say anything. Although I can only image how she was feeling, being bullied by a grown women on an empty flight to Beijing. Completely unnecessary in any circumstance.

Seat-kicker gets up and goes back to her original seat next to her daughter. They whisper and laugh and whisper and laugh some more. Shockingly petty. It was like watching the film Mean Girls, but in real life and featuring people who should be mature enough not to stoop that low. I am appalled.

To be honest, I was tempted to start beating on the back of The Bully’s seat once she sat back down in front of me. I restrained

One reply to “In-Flight Feature: Mean Girls

  1. How terrible!!!
    That would make me so mad. And she has a DAUGHTER?!? That just learned from her mom how to treat others in the most disrespectful way.

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