Coco! Wherearechu?!

I have not been on my China trip yet, but that won’t stop me from planning the next one. I like to designate my vacation days in advance, so I can plan and research and prolong the excitement and anticipation (and budget).

I hummed and hawed and went back and forth about where I could spend 7 to 10 days for a semi-inexpensive trip later this year. I thought maybe an easy all-inclusive was a good idea, as a nice break to balance out the adventures. Or maybe a cruise even; visit a few places in one go and get a quick taste of some different islands. Then I remembered…


For 10 years I have been saying that I would try and visit Coco. Coco is a person, my best friend from college who I have not seen in 10 years. 10 YEARS! Maybe even longer than that.

Me and Coco back in the day.

I don’t know how this idea came to me, but I ran with it. I think it might have been born from a simple conversation with a co-worker/friend about wanting to get away in the fall and not being able to decide on a destination. Both of us will go just about anywhere, so she was down for a trip as well.

I had to cover two bases right away. 1) I quickly searched how much the average round trip flight would cost me…and wow!! Shockingly cheap. 2) Get in touch with Coco. Being the great friend that he is, he responded immediately with, “HELEN! Come down! Mi casa es tu casa!” Not to mention he had no qualms about having my friend stay at his house as well. This is quite possibly the smoothest trip I have ever planned (so far…knock on wood). Travel partner, accommodation, time off work, cheap airfare – we’re on a roll!

So, that’s settled. I’m going to El Salvador and, by Coco’s strong recommendation, Guatemala. Let the obsessive research begin!


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