China On A Whim

Even though Black Friday is not a Canadian born idea, sometimes (more than sometimes) American culture floats its way up North. So, now we have Black Friday sales in Canada. It’s become more popular the last two or three years, and just today I decided to take advantage of this new trend.

My go-to travel company, G Adventures, is hosting a sale for the next three days and I thought…heck! Why don’t I set aside a small amount of my vacation time and put down a deposit on a trip. I mean, why not?!

I had very few requirements; six to nine days away, a destination with relatively inexpensive flights, sometime in the Spring of 2017. I will go literally anywhere within those guidelines. My wonderful travel agent who is always so helpful in aiding my travel decisions narrowed them all down for me and sent me some ideas.

I weighed my options (Morocco? China? Costa Rica?) and decided to go ahead and book a trip to China.

Yup. Booked China on a whim.

I’ll be there for just over a week (I know, I know! That’s just how I roll, alright?!) and hitting up the big cities with the main sites.

That’s it I guess. See you later, China!

Edit: After speaking with a friend who lives in China, I have decided I’ll be extending my stay to visit with them and spending more than 8 days here…which is probably a very good idea.


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