Around The World In Five Mouthfuls (And A Cocktail)

The last full day of my visit to London. This day was chaos, meticulously planned and organised; where are we are going and when are we going there and who are we meeting up with and and what’s the best way to get there and then doing that all again for the next thing. To start, I woke up at nine in the morning, showered and checked out of my hotel. Which took all of twenty seconds,

“Do you have your room key?”
“Yeah, here you go.”
“Okay thanks, have a nice day.”

I walked the three minutes to Lancaster Gate tube station and took the Central Line to Oxford Circus before switching to the Bakerloo Line which took me right to Maida Vale station, where Steph was meeting me. Only about a twenty-five minute commute and fairly straight forward.

Any Underground sign makes for a good photo

We walked to Steph’s apartment (sorry, flat), where she made me a bacon sandwich with tomato chutney (so yum!). Shortly after that, we set off on a walk to the river, along with Adam, where we would get on a waterbus to Camden Lock.

The boat ride was really nice, and actually a lot quicker than I expected it to be. We could just sit back and relax, enjoy the scenery, take some photos and catch up with each other, joking about what sort of debris we might see floating past the boat (we’re quite the macabre bunch).


Camden Lock is pretty much part of Camden Market, so we disembarked right in the thick of it, which is quite something (especially on a Saturday in one of, if not thee, most popular market in London).

Street food galore! While we waited for Emma and Gemma to arrive, Steph, Adam and I watch the different food stall preparing and cooking their dishes, weighing our options as to what we would try. In the end, we decided we would each choose a different food stall and share our food between the group.

Looking down over all the food stalls

Adam started things off with a Sri Lankan dish that, to be honest, set the bar really high for the rest of our Camden food tour. Moving along, I had to just give in and hand my money over to the Dutch Pancakes booth. Growing up with a Dutch father, I knew the poffertjes would not be a disappointment to the group. Topped with Nutella, strawberries, whipped cream and icing sugar…how could you say no? Emma then picked up some Thai food; noodles and about three different kinds of chicken. At this point, we are self-certified food critics, discussing which chicken was the tastiest and which we could do without. Gemma chose a few Indian curries for us to share; chickpeas, lamb, rice, yum yum! And Steph bought Louisiana chili served over corn chips, with cornbread on the side. Even though Adam won this round, I think we can all agree this was the best way to do the Camden food market.


We strolled through the rest of the market, not actually buying anything but really really thinking about it…

I thought he should have gone for it.

The highlight of Camden shopping was definitely Cyber Dog. This shop is insane! It is solely dedicated to selling club wear (well, with the exception of the lower level, which is a bit more adult in nature…but I’m sure there are clubs for that too); neon colours, lots of cut-outs, alien prints and not a standard light bulb in the entire building. Everything is coated in the glow of black lights. The staff were done up like characters from a futuristic sci-fi film and there were stages for the dancers to keep the vibe going (music pumping throughout). I’m actually so glad we walked through Cyber Dog, it was so hilariously cool and I honestly can’t say if I’ve ever heard of a place like that in Canada.

After the Cyber Dog experience, we needed a drink (sensory overload). The Cuban was just next door and the cocktails here are some of the best I have ever had…anywhere! I tried my first Bramble (gin, lemon juice, blackberries and further deliciousness) and I really think I might have to make these on the regular at home. There is just something special about the way they make drinks at The Cuban; they must have a secret.

A Funky Marshmallow and a Bramble walk into a bar…

Anise joined us about fifteen minutes in for a quick hello, walking with us out of the market and to the bus stop (Oh wait, doughnut detour first). We rode on the top level of a red double decker bus to arrive back at Steph’s flat where we would begin the second part of our day.

Doughtnut detour!

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