Distractions On Regent Street

I had a slow and casual morning before getting on the tube to meet up with Gemma. I was a bit early as I never really know how long it will take me to get anywhere, so I popped into Cafe Nero for a latte and “can I have a boddle ah woder as well please?”


“A boddle ah woder?”

Shakes head. “I don’t, sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Pleayse cud oy have ay bohttle of wohtah?”

Gemma arrived not long after I was forced to throw away my Canadian accent in exchange for water. This is the first time I’ve seen her this trip and I tell you…these reunions do not get old.

We walked about two minutes to the back of St. Paul’s Cathedral, entering in through the garden and thinking we could get inside that way. For the first time of many today, we thought wrong. So we back tracked and started walking around this beautiful massive building. We had come to the conclusion that it was not open to the public today, so took a few photos on the side (Gemma being quite a bit shorter then me, it proved difficult for her as the photographer…but she managed just fine).

How do we get inside?

Deciding we would just walk around town for a bit and following the same path, we realised that yes, the cathedral is open today and we just hadn’t walked far enough to find the entrance. Flying by the seat of our pants, as two directionaly challenged people should, we took a few photos of the front and kept on in search of new adventures.

The front of St. Paul’s Cathedral…imagine that!?

That landed us in a souvenir shop, where we had a very fun time picking out mugs and t-shirts and some less savoury items for friends back in Canada. We then got on the tube to Oxford Circus.

About ten after two, we agreed it would be a good idea to walk in the direction of our restaurant, where we had three o’clock reservations for afternoon tea. Probably a good idea that we started out early, because Regent Street is very distracting.

Oh my goodness, look at how pretty that building is!

First we started out walking in the opposite direction that we should have been, so we turned around and found a street map to get re-orientated. Alright, we need to look for Beak Street. Oh look, Hamley’s! We have to go in here! And can you take a photo of me witht his big Paddington Bear? And this red telephone booth? Wow! This window display is all Harry Potter! Could you take a photo of us in front of this window?

Okay, now where is Beak Street? Says it’s near Burberry. Okay, let’s turn around and find Burberry. Well it’s not here, let’s walk a bit further. Look how posh that place looks! We should call the restaurant and tell them we are running late. Great, okay we’ve bought ourselves some time. This isn’t Burberry, this Brooks Brothers! You know, I’ve never seen a Karl Lagerfeld shop before? Oh look! Beak Street! Oh my gosh, we did it. Okay now Kingly Street better be right here, seriously. Oh my gosh, okay, yes! We found it. Wow! Adventures. Gem, look! That bar has your name! It better be worth it. What if it’s crap? I mean, afternoon tea for 12.50£ a person? How good can it be? Ugh, let’s just find out.

Hidden Gem(ma)

Cinnamon Soho is the real hidden gem on Kingly Street (close to Brooks Brothers off of Regent Street). High Chai for 25£ for two people. High Chai? Yes. An Indian twist on an English favourite. Masala Chai along with Indian inspired finger foods and desserts. And it was absolutely worth the adventure on Regent Street. We could not tell the difference between the masala chai at Cinnamon Soho and the stuff we drank while actually in India. It was fantastic and delicious and casual. Not pretentious at all, which makes it even more enjoyable and relaxing.


We took our time there, then strolled back through Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square (the twerking fish fountain by the Odeon theatre is a must-see!) before meeting up with Emma for a coffee after she finished work.

As the sun had set, we did some more strolling, stopping in at an even bigger and better souvenir shop (all the Mr. Bean things!) and then finally running into Steph just before the Twerking Fish Fountain.


We found ourselves a place to have a drink and let Adam know where we were (he has been driving to London from northern England). The crew is slowly coming together. Everyday in London with my people makes me so happy! Adam arrived shortly after and announces himself by tapping me on the wrong shoulder and making me look stupid. So…very happy to see him.

We order mojitos, make fun of each other’s accents and lip synced to the music (well most of it…I have no idea who these Sugar Babe people are). We might have been able to stay out longer, but tomorrow is the big show. We have to save our energy.


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