London: Consciously Avoiding The Obvious Headline

Please note this has been published post-flight (ie. arriving in London and obtaining free WiFi at the hotel).

I told myself…nay promised myself, that I would not use “London Calling” as a title for a blog post. I’m not using it. It’s overused (and yet so perfectly and consistently fitting). So, no. I’m not calling this post “London Calling”.

As I sit here in window seat 34K of a WestJet flight from Calgary to London Gatwick, attempting to control my irritation with the other passengers around me and stubbornly refusing to pay for the in-flight WiFi, I’m focusing on my plan for London. Five days. Well…four and a half really. Either way, a short holiday such as this must be meticulously planned in order to make the most of my time in London.

(aka: Location Specific Bucket Lists)

Visit with my people: This is the main reason for booking this trip to London as opposed to somewhere else in the World. Plus, they can help me accomplish the rest of my London Bucket List. I will see them individually and all at once at different times. Regardless, this is hands down the most exciting part of the entire trip!

Eat a full English breakfast
: Steph has assured me she will make this happen the morning I land in London. I am stoked (how would a British person express “being stoked”? I will find out.)

Eat fish and chips: Tom is in charge of this one. We will meet up Thursday evening for proper fish & chips (he knows a place that does it properly, even if it is a few extra pounds).

Eat/drink afternoon tea: I actually scouted this one out for myself, thinking I would be doing this solo. But alas, Gemma will be joining me in Soho Friday afternoon for a budget friendly exotic twist on High Tea.

(Clearly my location specific bucket lists mostly consist of edible adventures…)

See some old castles and other old British stuff: Yeah…I think this will just happen naturally, but I’ll do my best to mindfully include some old castles while I’m being a tourist during the day. I’m not a huge history buff, so please don’t ask WHICH castles I plan to see. I’ll let you know after I see them.

Catch some Europe specific Pokémon: Yes. I AM that much of a nerd (*cough cough* Mr. Mime *cough cough* Team Mystic). I might have even done a quick Google search of where the best spots are in London.

Full English Breakfast was devoured and checked off the list. First mission right off the plane, complete with black pudding. Regency Cafe on Regency Street is THEE place for a proper English Breakfast.
Tea & toast


4 replies to “London: Consciously Avoiding The Obvious Headline

  1. Now this surely took me back to the BEST DAYS back in South Africa, when I used to eat this breakfast every weekend morning…Oh I miss those days….
    Have a great time!

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