A Couch or England?

Sometimes life forces us to make difficult decisions. This was not one of those times.

About a month and a half ago, I moved to a slightly different part of the city and into a new apartment…new for me anyway. I am now living in a much better location with more space and I’m even saving some money on rent.
I was pretty ruthless in the move. I threw out, gave away and donated quite a few items; clothes, shoes…and even some furniture.

My love-seat and chair, which were free and well loved to begin with, did not make the cut. I couldn’t be bothered to move them or haul them up four sets of stairs to the new place. I also decided that I would like to gradually steer away from the mish-mash of second-hand, Helen-Do-You-Want-This-Old-Chair type of items and start creating a space that is filled with my own aesthetic decisions. So…buh-bye furniture!

Obviously, building this space will be a slow process (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my two-bedroom apartment). I can make due without a couch (I’ve lived happily with much less). I have already been gifted a new chair (of my choosing) from IKEA and an extra bed that I’ve dragged into the living room to serve as a long-term temporary couch. Works for me!

Financially, I probably could have picked out a new couch by now…but you see…there was this seat sale with WestJet. A seat sale to the exact place I’ve been looking for a seat sale.

Since returning from India, (Oh! Those many months ago!) I have missed my new friends… immensely! We talk at least once every two weeks, most I even connect with on a weekly or daily basis (group chats!). These are my people and they are far away and I miss them and I refuse to let these particular friendships be forgotten and fall away.


Of course, they don’t all live in the same place; some are situated in other distant parts of Canada, Germany, Australia, India (duh!)…and England. A lot in England.

So, that is where I’m headed in a couple of months. England.

A very quick visit, less than a week…whatever! I’m going. I’ll just have to make sure I coordinate with my people and lay out a sure-fire itinerary in order to take full advantage of my limited time. I don’t expect to be able to see and do everything, but England is going to become a fairly regular occurrence for me…so I’ll check off that Bucket List a little more with each visit.

Cheerio! (Do British people actually say that?)

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