Goa & Goodbye

Goa is the Miami Beach of India. Or if you’ve been to Greece, the Ios of India. It’s beaches and music and drinks and parties and nightclubs and it is catered to tourism. Which I have no problem with. These places exist and they need to exist and if the locals can make a profit from tourism and the natural landscape of it, all the power to them.

Goa was chill for us. We have had a very busy time throughout India, so it was nice to just go to the beach, walk through the markets, swim in the pool and eat without any strict schedule.

Goa was bittersweet for us. While we were happy to be there and experience yet another of India’s states (all of which are vastly different each other), we also knew we would be saying goodbye to about half of our new found friends. We quickly became a tightly knit group and grew very close in a very short amount of time; that tends to happen when Delhi Belly comes along for the ride.

Goodbyes were difficult, not made any easier by the fact that they occurred at 1:30 in the morning. Goa was not my favourite place, but it is full of memories and fun times.

We drank. We sun bathed. We played in the waves. We chilled on the beach. We got sunburnt. We danced. We sang karaoke. We shopped for dresses and sandals and souvenirs. We laughed. We cried. We all became best friends.

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