Varanasi to Pushkar: An Update

A quick update; since the last post, I have done these things…

Taken a morning walk from Asi Ghat to Dashawamedh Ghat in Varanasi. We also witnessed the nightly Aarti ceremony.

 Taken a walking tour of the streets and alleyways of Varanasi, visiting temples, flower markets and chai shops and witnessing a fight between dogs and monkeys along the way.

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Taken a train from Delhi to Agra, where I visited the Red Fort of Agra (aka. Agra Fort) and the Taj Mahal! Wow…is Taj ever amazing. Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nothing on that love story.    

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Taken a local bus from Agra to Jaipur and stayed the in funkiest most eclectic hotel I’ve ever seen; Jaipur Inn. The next morning we visited Amber Fort in Jaipur – huge place with lots of steps and so much to see. It’s really beautiful!

Saw gemstone carvers at work and bought some Jaipur gemstones.

As well, we learned about the technique of block printing, which is special to Jaipur. You better believe I bought some meters of gorgeous Indian block printed fabric.

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 Rode in a Jeep for 3 hours from Jaipur to the rural village of Tordi Sāgar, where we stayed in a castle for one night.

In Tordi, we also did a safari around the farmland and climbed up a sand dune to watch the sunset.

That evening we had henna done by two local girls and had an amazing dinner on the terrace of the castle, under the stars. We extended our evening by taking the Jeeps outside the centre of Tordi Sāgar and having a bonfire. We talked and played games – it was wonderful!

The next morning we took a walking tour of Tordi Sāgar, stopping at a Jain Temple and Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. We also stopped by the local Planeterra supported school for girls and visited the students (some of the girls had their brothers with them). We handed out notebook, pencils, chalk tablets and socks, which we had all acquired by pooling together our Rupees.

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We then piled back into the jeeps and made our 3.5 hour way to Pushkar.

I apologise for the briefness of this post. Better and more detailed stories are in your future.

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