69 days until departure!

I promise, it is purely coincidence that this milestone also falls on the 69th day of my countdown to departure (she says, as the 14 year old within snickers away).

So! Today is another big one on my journey to India. I have officially made my last and final payment on the tour (I still have to book one night at a Delhi hotel, but let’s ignore that). I booked this trip back in February and have made it my mission to pay for this trip without going into debt. I can proudly say I have succeeded. Along with some help from a few incredibly generous friends who, for my birthday (and at Christmas), each made a little contribution towards my trip, I have successfully paid for this entire trip in cash. Even the flights!

I can admit there were some months when I was not quite so vigilant with my planned budget, but I made it work. Not to mention, luck played a considerable role. You would think one would not be too pleased to lose one’s job…but it actually worked out for the best in my case. Granted, I was not thrilled to be living with zero income for two months; there were more than a few panic attacks and stressful moments, let’s put it that way. BUT, when one loses one’s job, one is usually provided with a severance package…which I used to fully pay for my roundtrip airfare. *side smirk*

Some might claim this was not the responsible adult thing to do, considering I had next to no savings. I would respond to those people with an enthusiastic, “India or bust!”.
In actual fact, using a large chunk of my severance money to book flights kept me motivated to find a new job…quickly! I’ve been told with the not-so-good job market in Alberta, that I landed on my feet quite well. Two months later and I was back at work, with a better job to boot!

I feel relieved today. Relieved and elated. This trip is actually happening. It is paid for and I’m going to India. With the exception of the one-night hotel stay in Delhi, from this point on, my travel budget money can all be put towards spending money and a new pair of walking shoes.

Oliver Osprey
Oliver Osprey

PS: I was gifted a new backpack for Christmas and I think I’m in love…with an inanimate object. I named him Oliver (my sister’s suggestion), because he “carries ALL OF HER stuff”. Ha!

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