Adding Varanasi

Incase you are not one of the few people I have annoyed to the point of exhaustion with tellings of my travel plans…I am booked to go on my dream trip to India (one of many dream trips) this coming March 2016. Delhi to Kochi. North to South.

There is just one teensy weensy issue with my itinerary. It doesn’t include any time in Varansi. Check it out…

See? Otherwise it’s a pretty kick ass trip! But, Varansi is an important place to experience and I would be disappointed if I didn’t make that happen for myself. Thus, I made a detour on my commute home from work to see my most wonderful, helpful, patient, knowledgable travel agent, Amanda.

We found a four-day Varanasi extension package that is easily added on to the beginning of my trip. Best part is that everything in Varanasi is organized for me; airport transfers, accommodation, Ganges River tour, city tours, breakfast. Since I’ll be solo for these four days in Varanasi, it gives me much peace of mind knowing the finer details will already be sorted.

6 months from today I will be…most likely on a plane or in an airport, on my way to India. #Excitement

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