Just Go.

This is pathetic. I have not posted anything here in THREE YEARS! What does that tell you about my life, hey? Not many adventures have happened since Greece in 2011 (pause for a quick reminiscent daydream).

So Helen, why now? What’s going on? Let me tell you! Because honestly, I am bursting. I’m pretty sure I’ve told everyone at work, even people I don’t talk too very often. It’s been a very long time that I’ve wanted to take this trip, but it will finally be happening. Come March 2016 (yes, a whole year away) I will finally be going to INDIA!

Those of you who have already visited India will know that there are only two reactions you get from people, upon sharing with them your upcoming travel plans.

Reaction #1:  “That’s amazing! I’m so jealous. You’re going to have a great time!”

Awww, so lovely and sweet and supportive.

Reaction #2: “Umm, WHY would you want to go THERE?! India? Really? Uh, no thank you. It’s so dangerous and dirty.”

Umm, okay. Thanks.

People either want to go to India or they do not (like…at all). There is no inbetween. And that’s fine! To each their own, it takes all kinds, whatever floats your boat. You get the point.

The reason I want to go to India is the same reason I want to go anywhere; food, people, culture, to experience something different and remove myself from my comfort zone.  Even if my reasons for traveling are the same for every destination, that doesn’t matter; every destination is unique.  The food and people and culture and experiences and comfort level will vary from place to place. Heck! They vary from province to province here in Canada. My level of curiosity towards India has simply stayed at a higher level than other places. Once I’ve returned, another destination will take it’s place (I’m already thinking about what I’ll book after India).

I finally had enough of dreaming and decided to make this a reality after binge watching the show “Departures” and becoming insanely inspired! I realised that I have to just GO.

It’s hard up save up the dough for a big trip like this, or any trip for that matter. I live in an expensive city on a single income. It’s a struggle sometimes but I figured out a way to make this happen without going into debt and eating ramen for the next 365 days.

I’ve booked my trip far enough in advance that I was able to hold my spot with a small deposit, instead of paying in full at the time of booking. I’ve worked it out so that I will incorporate the cost of my trip into my monthly bills (no charging it on the credit card and then trying to pay it off for the next five years). I’ve worked out how much money I need to put towards my trip per paycheque. Smaller payments = Happier Helen. As long as I have the whole trip paid for by the end of this year, I’ll be on that plane!

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