Delivering to Chania

Before I left for our three-week trip around Greece, I discovered that the sweet Korean lady who makes my coffee each morning, has a daughter living in Crete. Sue* had a few gifts for her daughter and I offered to take the parcel with me on the off-chance that I might be able to deliver it to her daughter, Julie.

Julie lives in Plantanias, near Chania in Crete. Since my Dad wanted to take a day trip to Chania anyway I decided to tag along and see if I could deliver the parcel. The bus from Heraklion to Chania took couple of hours and then we hopped on another bus for a short ride to the area of Plantanias. After walking around this quaint beach town for a short time, I decided to call Julia and see how far away she was. Turns out the store I was calling from was right across the street from her office.

I had never met Julie before, but clearly she had adopted some of that Greek hospitality because she met me with open arms, a big smile and lots of touring advice. She gave us a short tour of her work place– part spa, part hotel, part high-end car rental… beautiful facilities! It was obvious Julie enjoyed her work and of course her boss, who also happens to be her boyfriend (a very nice boy who Mom would approve of). Of course I passed along the gift from her Mom and both of them (Mom and daughter) were so grateful.

It’s always fun to meet the family of friends, but even more so when you can meet them in a different country!

Touring the Summertime Boutique & Spa


 *Names have been changed to protect personal identity.

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