Stelios the Greek

My family and I met Stelios halfway into our trip through Greece. Stelios is the head waiter and bartender at the Castello Hotel in Heraklion, Crete. The couple of days we spent in Crete were very busy, but I would not have traded it for anything. Stelios was the highlight of my time in Crete (along with hitting the pavement). Unfortunately I do not have a picture of him, so let me do my best to describe him.

From the perspective of a hotel guest, Stelios is the perfect image of a waiter. He’s attentive, he pays attention to preferences and he makes wonderful recommendations. While we were there, he even saved some special dessert for us to enjoy for breakfast the next morning. Stelios could give North American wait staff a run for their money. If he was training waiters and waitresses in Calgary, I would be eating at that restaurant every night!

In appearance, Stelios is the classic picture of a strong Greek man. Tall, fit, dark hair and a five o’clock shadow. His uniform of black pants, white dress shirt and black vest was always perfectly pressed. If I could have cast the roles for the film 300, I would have chosen Stelios to play King Leonidas, both for his style and his pride.

It was his attitude and outlook that really made Stelios special. He is an educated man who seems to understand both sides of the political issues in Greece, but he is for the people. He loves his country and he loves his fellow Greeks and only wants what is right. It took a while to break through his shell but once he opened up, we really got to understand the passion of Greece.


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