Streets and Rhodes

A directionally challenged person such as myself could find Old Town Rhodes to be very intimidating. Of course when you’re on holiday and have all day to mosey around and explore, it’s not so bad. Yes I got lost. Yes I freaked out for a split second, but found my way back after a short time.


Old Town Rhodes is such an interesting place. Once you get within the confines of the stone wall surrounding the town, it’s an endless maze of shops, tavernas, Greek homes and friendly faces. When I say maze I mean exactly that. I never looked at a  map, because quite frankly I can’t read the damn things. Although I did end up walking down one particular street on three different occasions without the slightest clue how I got there. I can guarantee you if I tried to find that street, it would never have happened. But accidentally… no problem!

Most of my shopping happened in Rhodes – how could it not? With hundreds of shops selling the exact same stuff at different prices? It’s a bargain shopper’s dream come true!

My favourite part of Rhodes? You feel like you’ve gone back in time. The entirety of the Old Town looks and feels like it’s straight from a Medieval fairytale. Everywhere you look there is ancient stonework, streets fashioned from  intricately laid pebbles and enormous walls built to keep out the enemy. Even if they got in, they would never be able to find their way around.

Rhodes knight
I wonder how long he’s been guarding this place?

2 replies to “Streets and Rhodes

  1. I IS a maze for just that reason. If it ever got invaded, the theory is that the invading army would get lost in the maze. …..I certainly got lost……a few times

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