Athens: A Greek Tragedy

am not referring to the current financial and political situation in Greece. I am talking about the physical characteristics of the city. If Athens were a person, I would check her into rehab… or at least let her use my shower.

Let me first say that I would return to Athens in a heartbeat. It’s a great city with lots of little shops, delicious tavernas and so much to see; Athens is the definition of “old meets new”. You see excavations and ruins right next to a corporate business. It’s incredible! Not to mention the people are helpful and for the most part, friendly (every city has a few grumpy-bums).

The upsetting part is the pride that Athenians seem to be lacking in their city. I’m sure it’s there somewhere buried deep inside, but to the untrained eye it just seems like they don’t care.  The streets are grubby and sometimes even sticky, each corner you turn is a different shock to your sense of smell and the graffiti… oh the graffiti!

If you have travelled to Athens and did not see any graffiti then I have to say, you were in the wrong city. Don’t call me a closed-minded old geezer. I am a very open-minded girl in my 20’s and even I feel there is a difference between graffiti and street art. Let me show you what I mean…

Below are some photos I shot throughout my time in Athens. This should give you a basic idea of how the majority of flat surfaces in Athens appear.

For an example of street art I want to use this article which I found earlier today featuring the city of Montevideo. This is the stuff I really enjoy  – its captivating, takes quite a lot of talent and each piece is so unique.

All in all, I do love Athens and hope to return someday. It made me a bit sad to see this beautiful city covered in rude words and defiant commentary. Athena… she just needs a good scrub.


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