The Hedonistic Truth

The MSN Encarta online dictionary defines Hedonism as:

1. seeking of pleasure: a devotion, especially a self-indulgent one, to pleasure and happiness as a way of life.

2. philosophy of pleasure: a philosophical doctrine that holds that pleasure is the highest good or the source of moral values.

Normally I would try to veer away from a full post about one particular brand, but in my opinion the marketing for Hedonism II does not do it justice and does not send the right message. I want to share my thoughts with you about how I perceive the vacation resort we know as Hedonism II (or Hedo for short).

Hedo is not all about swingers and public sex. That does happen, but the atmosphere at Hedo is that of complete acceptance, open-mindedness, freedom and self-indulgence. We are born naked and we are born as sexual beings, so this is really a very natural place and in fact, a very romantic place.

As you walk through the grounds, you will see thousands of painted stones and tree carvings from past, present and repeat guests – all celebrating love, happiness and a wonderful holiday. Hedo has more repeat guests than any other all-inclusive resort I know of – a few people have been to Hedo almost 100 times! I spoke to one man in the lobby who was there with his wife for the fifth time and he said, “There is no better place. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Hedo is great!”

While we toured the grounds at Hedo, our host explained to us that many of their guests are couples dealing with relationship troubles. She went on to say that Hedo has saved more marriages and more relationships than she can count. So before you pay for couple’s therapy, first spend a week at Hedonism II. I would do it!

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