Voluntarily Hurting Myself in Negril

Our last day in Jamaica was a busy one, but we managed to find time to make it out to Rick’s Cafe in Negril. This iconic bar and restaurant is famous for its beautiful sunset, incredible coves, night life and of course… cliff diving/jumping. There are lifeguards and supervisors around to regulate when you can jump and if someone hurts themselves upon hitting the water 35-feet below.

Since we were scheduled to have dinner elsewhere, we wore nice outfits to Rick’s Cafe so we wouldn’t have to waste time changing afterwards. There I am with my dinner dress on, make-up perfect, hair done right and I’m staring at the people jumping off the cliffs.  And all I can think is, “I wish I wore my bathing suit. I wish I wasn’t in this dress. I want to jump off the cliff!”.

Eventually I reached a point where if I did not jump off that cliff, I would be on the flight home the next day for 6-hours… regretting it. And I do not like regret. I always try to think, “If I don’t this, will I regret it?” If the answer is Yes, then I better man-up and get ‘er done!

The first step was to make sure that our tour leader would allow me to do this, based on our schedule for the evening… not to mention that she is partly liable for us (and people have broken tail bones jumping from this cliff). So I asked her, “If I go into the shop and buy a t-shirt, will it be alright if I jump off the cliff in the t-shirt and my underwear?” Without hesitation, she says “You can do whatever you want.” I like this woman!

I bought a t-shirt, changed in the bathroom so my dress would still be dry for dinner and I lined up to jump. You can imagine the line-up was not very long… I guess I’m one of just a few crazy people at Rick’s Cafe that evening. My turn came pretty quickly and the lifeguard says to me, “Go anytime.” I didn’t look down, I didn’t think about it… I just jumped.

I got into the pencil jump formation right away. In fact a bit too soon, because the rush of air got underneath my legs, pushed them up and I did not land very gracefully. The back of my right thigh hit the salt water first and let me tell you… it. hit. HARD.

Needless to say, I developed a very large, dark purple bruise covering the entire back of my thigh and you know what? I love it! And I don’t have any regrets. 

My leg two days after the jump. Awesome!


4 replies to “Voluntarily Hurting Myself in Negril

  1. Hi Helen! I just discovered your blog and it is fantastic! Love living vicariously through your travels. You are so brave doing that jump. I would have died (both literally and figuratively)!

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