Mystic Mountain

I am really starting to hate my job. First I’m sent to Jamaica for a week. Then I have to spend my 26th birthday at the beach in Trelawny, soaking up the vitamin D and chowing down on Beef and Chicken Patties (the taste brings me back to my college days). What a rough life! And it gets worse… today I was dragged to Mystic Mountain (fairly close to Dunn’s River Falls), forced into a gondola that took us up and over the lush Jamaican rainforest (the scenery was gorgeous). Once at the top, I hopped into a bobsled and was forced through the track at full speed. Without a chance to catch my breath at the end, I was strapped into a harness, a helmet shoved onto my head, clipped onto four different zip-lines and a repel and once again, sailed through the rainforest. I’m telling you, this is really no fun at all.

View of the rainforest from our gondola

Alright, alright… I’m lying. Everything happened at a leisurely Jamaican pace. The staff at Mystic Mountain were all smiles – very supportive and encouraging all the way through. It would be a shame to skip Mystic Mountain on a visit to Jamaica. Oh by the way, age and weight are no excuse to miss the zip-lining! I can now say that I have seen a plus 50-year-old woman strap into the gear and jump to the front of the line.

To top off the Mystic Mountain fun, we stopped at Scotchies on the way back to the resort – roast fish, corn on the cob, jerk chicken, festival bread and a cold Red Stripe. I think I’ll stay.

Cooking jerk chicken at Scotchies – Photo courtesy of Natalie C.

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