Ocho Rios and The Art Of Losing Your Sunglasses

The first day of your holiday is always a bit rushed. The energy and time spent getting to where you’re going can be pretty exhausting. Day two on the other hand… way more fun! After a couple of hotel inspections (travel industry stuff), we had a great day today, and it’s not over yet.

This morning we stopped at the market in Ocho Rios for some shopping. Today I learned that everyone has the best shop, the cheapest wooden turtles, at least two children to feed and they hand-painted everything themselves. I have nothing against someone wanting to make a living. Let me tell you, some of these vendors could out-sell just about anyone, and I work with sales people. I did alright, but I think the first word I ever uttered as a child was “No”… others did not fare so well. If you get stuck in one person’s shop, you may as well pack the whole place up and take it home with you – one girl left the market with two or three bags of goodies. I managed to get out with the one thing I was looking for. The experience was intense to say the least.

Lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville was great! What a fun place – a water slide runs right through the restaurant, the staff are always smiling and the food? You get your dollars worth here – nice big yummy portions.  If you’re ever in Ocho Rios, try to make a stop here.

Dunn’s River Falls is much bigger than I anticipated, but I’m glad for it. Seven people from our group of ten decided to brave the Falls today and it was great! This is the fastest way to create a bond with six strangers. If you’re climbing the falls as part of a group, everyone has to hold hands as often as possible. It’s a bit awkward at first, but after five minutes, you stop caring about this somewhat intimate gesture and starting thinking more about not falling on your butt. Our tour guide, Joseph Rose was very helpful – he carried all of our cameras up the Falls without any water damage whatsoever. And you should have seen this man’s feet! Until this afternoon, I never knew that a pair of feet could have so much muscle to them. We all wore water shoes for our climb, not Joseph! Bare feet all the way and he pretty much ran up these slippery rocks. Alex was also assigned to our group as the videographer (and unofficial motivational speaker). I am always amazed at the abilities of the staff at any sort of tourist attraction or entertainment venue to get a group of tourists to look as ridiculous as they possibly can. There we are, more than thirty people standing in a circle on the beach prior to climbing the Falls, in our swimsuits yelling, “Wet! Wet! Wet!” and waving our arms around in the air. No wonder Alex was smiling all the time… he must be laughing at us!

At the end of the Dunn’s River Falls climb

Being as I lost a pair of glasses on my last holiday to Mexico, I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened again. Lo and behold, my sunglasses are currently residing somewhere within the confines of Dunn’s River Falls.  Luckily they only cost me $8 at a Wal-Mart in Mexico. I was able to pick up a new pair at the resort gift shop – maybe these will end up in the Mediterranean Sea!

3 replies to “Ocho Rios and The Art Of Losing Your Sunglasses

  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Have a lovely day.
    love LMS

    PS If I posted this three times, sorry, but cat on the keyboard – not so easy to type.

  2. Oh Helen! You WOULD lose a pair of sunglasses in Jamaica too…you might as well consider losing a pair in every place you visit….you know instead of bringing something back as a souvenier – just know you have left a pair of sunglasses in every country you’ve visited.

    Miss ya buddy! Hope you are having a blast!

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