Insert cliché Jamaican phrase here

When you work in the travel industry, sometimes the perks make it all worthwhile. In the last week, I’ve been lucky enough to have not one, but two of these perks bestowed upon me. Perk #1: I won a week’s accommodation at the new Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas, to use anytime before the end of 2011. Awesome! I’ll tell you more about that later – right now I’m focusing on Perk #2. A little background information will help me explain to you the utter magnitude of this perk.

It is common knowledge among my co-workers, friends and family that “Helen wants to go to Jamaica”. It’s true! For the past three years, Jamaica has been #1 on my “Places-To-Go” list (I have a lot of lists). I don’t know if the incredible marketing skills of the Jamaican Tourist Board have seeped their way into my subconscious (Once you go, you know), or if it’s the simple fact that some of the most interesting people I’ve met throughout my life have all come from Jamaica. Whatever the reason, I want to visit Jamaica.

Queue Perk #2! It all started when my boss (The Travel Lady) walked up to my desk yesterday and strategically positioned a printed form infront of my face…

Boss: Helen, could you please fill out this form for me?
Helen: Sure. Why do you need me to fill this out?
Boss: Because SuperClubs in hosting a Fam* in Jamaica and I’m sending you.
Helen: Eeeeee!

I am so excited! In fact, I am so excited that I cannot think of anything else to say except that I am so excited!

I’ll be in Jamaica from March 17th to March 24th, a whole week! Granted this is a work trip, but a work trip in the travel industry is always a fun time. Did I forget to mention the cherry on top? I’ll be there for my birthday.

* The word “Fam” stands for “Familiarisation trip”. It’s an industry term used to describe a trip where a member of the travel industry is sent away in order experience a particular destination, make notes on hotels, etc. Once they return to work, the idea is to now sell this particular product/destination with more experience and knowledge in tow.

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